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In order to change the scenery behind a subject on an image, it is necessary to perform a clipping operation. This task consists in cutting the photo in question with great precision around the object or the character to extract, you have probably already tried to do it so you know that it can be very complicated, critical and tedious, especially if you are not a pro in Photoshop or Gimp.

But do not worry Tradexcel Graphics Ltd is here to announce the good news. Clipping Magic a powerful online tool that will allow you to crop an image in a few simple clicks. With Clipping Magic removing the background of an image becomes childishly simple, the result is fascinating, professional and can be downloaded to your computer.

How to do?

You must first load the image in question on the site by clicking on the button “Choose File” which will display a window to navigate on your disk to the directory of the image, or simply drag and drop in the “Drag and drop image here” area. During the loading time of the file which depends on its size as well as your connection, a pop-up explains the use of the interface.

Background Remover

You will simply create on the original view (the one on the left) exclusion zones marked in red with the “-” tool and inclusion areas marked in green with the “+” tool. The result is displayed almost in real time in the window on the right. You have the option to add inclusion or exclusion zones until you are satisfied with the result.

To improve accuracy, use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out (or use the “zoom” or “zoom to fit” buttons that will adjust the image to the size of the window) . The selection brush can not be resized and can not be changed. If you ever make a mistake, the eraser will allow you to erase all or part of a mark and the “Undo” button will cancel the last action.

The result is usually very convincing, but the tool is no wonder when you try to remove the bottom behind an area with hair or mane of an animal.

Just use the zoom and have a little patience, I’m sure you can get a suitable result.

Once you are satisfied with the work, simply click on the “Download” button to retrieve the final result in PNG format that maintains transparency.

Clipping Magic is an excellent online clipping tool currently in alpha version. Not sure that it remains free in its final version, but for the moment you can enjoy it freely.

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